Health Benefits of Jumping Rope

Benefits of Jumping Rope
Benefits of Jumping Rope – Are You Ready? (Photo:

Benefits of Jumping Rope?

Too Many to Count!

A jump rope workout uses all the major muscles of the body in a few fluid motions. Top athletes agree that you can realize immediate benefits of jumping rope starting with the very first workout:

  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Anaerobic
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Power
  • Bone density

Want to Burn Calories?

A jump rope workout burns from 660 to 1200 calories an hour depending on how aggressively you jump! You will never plateau in a jump rope workout because the intensity increases as your jump roping ability progresses.

Jumping Rope Offers An Endless Ability to Customize Workouts

You can change your jumping speed, duration, types of jumps, and even use weighted jump ropes. As your skill progresses, you can graduate from single-unders to double-unders, then triple-unders, and even quadruple-unders!

How to Select the Best Jump Rope for You?

Most jump ropes are inexpensive and still provide great results.

To properly size a jump rope for yourself:

  1. Stand on center of the cord with one foot, and then pull the handles up,
  2. The tips of the handles should come to the shoulder for novice jumpers, or the armpit for advanced jumpers.

CrossRopes – Take it to the Next Level!

Once you get hooked on the benefits of jumping rope, you may wish to explore the CrossRope system. CrossRopes are an elite jump rope system that use interchangeable handles with different weighted rope cables for ultra versatility in your jump training.  A full CrossRope package comes with 2 sets of different sized handles and seven different weighted cables.

Benefits of Jumping Rope with CrossRopes

If you’ve ever lifted weights, you realize the necessity of lifting heavier weights in order to continue your strength gaining progress. CrossRopes let you employ this same progression with your jump rope workouts by giving you the option of using heavier weighted ropes.

Not only does this make you a better jump roper, but you’ll increase your strength, coordination, and fitness quicker and more effectively.  It really is a high tech innovation applied to an age old gym favorite!

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