Kids Martial Arts Classes – Largo, FL

Martial Arts Teach Your Child to Succeed

Our kids martial arts classes are designed to challenge your kids by teaching them the core values of martial arts training:

  • Respect,
  • Self-Control, and
  • Self-Discipline

Children need to be taught how to push and challenge themselves to become successful in a supportive environment. At The Dojo, your kids will develop a “never give up” winning spirit. They will also benefit from improving all aspects of their physical and mental fitness.

Martial Arts Summer Camp
Open to Everyone!!

Kids Summer Camp Overview

We teach two styles of kids martial arts classes at our school:

  1. Traditional Uechi-Ryu Okinawan Style Karate
  2. Jujutsu (balance disruption and leverage to gain advantage over an attacker)

These martial arts will teach them not only how to defend themselves, but when and when not to use these empowering skills. Your kids will learn that there is a great responsibility in having these abilities and not to misuse their techniques.

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Self-Defense Against Bullies

Once kids learn how to defend themselves they usually never have to. Kids Martial Arts Classes enable your child carry to themselves with confidence, which makes them less likely to be a target for bullies.

Self-confidence is the greatest deterrent to being a bully magnet. Confidence developed through martial arts training is earned and not falsely given.

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Largo, Florida
Kids Martial Arts Classes. Photo and Video: Matt Sweadner

Why Choose Our Martial Arts School?

There are many different kids martial arts schools in town, and it might seem overwhelming to know which school is the right one for your kids.  The best way to do your research is to visit the school in person and watch a couple of classes:

  • Are the students enjoying themselves?
  • Does the instructor control the class well?
  • Does the instructor engage the students and provide positive reinforcement?

Come pay us a visit at The Dojo, and talk with Chief Instructor Ryan Dean. You’ll find that we care about the advancement of your children in more ways than just the martial arts!

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