Florida Uechi Ryu Seminar

Great Turnout!

Approximately 40 Students and teachers traveled from California, Massachusetts and other states to come together and share and learn new skills. Most participants were seasoned black belts with years of Uechi Ryu Karate training experience and some of whom had studied directly under 9th Dan, Master Ken Nakamatsu.

uechi karate
Godan Bruce Tulgan leading warm ups for Sundays Uechi event

The training was educational, exciting and at times, grueling. We had to literally mop the sweat off the floor following Master Geoff Crouse’s morning training session.

Uechi Ryu Blocking and Framing Drill

Geoff, a 6th Dan showcased his powerful framing as a unique alternative to block and evade a punch.

Later in the training, Master Ryan Dean instructed and led drills for increasing kick power, blocking kicks and performing take downs. Another highlight of the training was the outstanding performance given by several students testing for various black belt ranks.

It is great to see such a meeting of the minds sharing wisdom and showcasing skills. Master Frank Gorman’s historical insights of Uechi Ryu were definitely a rich contribution and offered a pleasant respite from the otherwise face-paced instruction.

I think all attendees would agree that the camaraderie and learning was worth the trip across the US! We definitely look forward to our next spring seminar, which will also include a kids karate training.

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