Bootcamp vs Crossfit? That’s the question many people are asking themselves now when they are ready to take their fitness to another level. That was also the question I had to ask myself when I added a fitness only class at my martial arts school. I will share a few quick points and observations about each:

Crossfit competitors performing the Deadlift

Crossfit is a Branded Program with Structure

Crossfit is a branded program where licensing fees are paid by affiliate branches. Crossfit offers training, templates, WODs (workouts of the day) to the affiliates in exchange for a piece of their action. The workouts are both challenging and competitive and are designed to push the athletes to the max.

The major goals of Crossfit is to develop all areas of fitness and to be able to accomplish the most output in the shortest amount of time. Generally each person is scored on how fast they can complete the work out.

The workouts include a wide variety of exercises including running, calisthenics, jumping rope, plyometrics, weightlifting, pull ups, and power lifting. It has since grown into a sport of its own and has been extremely successful with a cult-like following.

Ryan Dean`s The Dojo Bootcamp Long Jump in Largo Florida
Bootcamp Students executing the standing long jump

Bootcamp Offers Flexibility

Bootcamp is a generic name for a fitness class that allows the flexibility to teach anything the instructor feels works and would benefit there clients the most.

The workouts are designed to improve all five components of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and healthy body composition. Students are encouraged to push to the best of their individualized abilities.

The workouts are easily modifiable so that everyone is working within their own safe limits. The classes include most of the same equipment and exercises you may see at a Crossfit gym but may also include kick boxing, stretching, grappling and MMA conditioning drills.

Both Programs Offer Excellent Results!

Both Crossfit and Bootcamp offer excellent training programs that are designed to achieve results. I chose to offer bootcamp as I liked the idea of total freedom to teach the best classes without restrictions or limitations. I know that my classes combined with the proper nutritional coaching I offer works.

By choosing not to be a licensed Crossfit gym, I do miss out on the marketing and buzz that follows Crossfit but I also gain students who previously trained at Crossfit .

It’s funny because my wife was recently told by a friend and Crossfitter that she needed to join Crossfit. What’s ironic about this is that my wife had a baby 8 weeks ago and has only been back at bootcamp for a month and yet has lost 48 of the 65 pounds that she gained with her pregnancy.

She is eating plenty of delicious and nutrious food, attends at least two Bootcamp classes a week, and adds an additional two days of cardio/gym workouts. What made this more amusing was how her friend suggested that I copied Crossfit with my work outs and Bootcamp program. What should be noted is that  I have been influenced by a wide variety of training including: martial arts, traditional weightlifting, powerlifting, boxing, bodybuilding, Yoga, Parkour, jump roping, running, sprints, tabata training, suspension trainers, high intensity interval training and yes, even Crossfit.

I was first introduced to the gym at age 12 by accompanying my father, who at the time was a serious weightlifter and who taught me proper form. Additionally, I have been a black belt in martial arts since 1994 and was first certified as a personal trainer in 2003. Crossfit did not invent the exercises they use in their classes; burpees, jumping, power lifting, rowing, etc. have all been around a long time!

Competitive Reinforcement or Personal Gains Encouragement?

Lastly, I have noticed another key difference that I believe drives some to chose Bootcamp over Crossfit. While many of the workouts are similar, the environment and comaraderie at Bootcamp is very different than what you may find at Crossfit.

While Crossfit is known for it’s competitiveness, Bootcamp is less focused on competetion and rather emphasizes encouragement and facilitating personal gains. Bootcamp also welcomes all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities and focuses on developing the individual to reach their maximum fitness level.

This threshold cannot be defined by a set number of reps or amount of weight lifted in a certain time,as it differs from person to person. My goal is to help each Bootcamper achieve their results by personalizing the training to fit their needs. Addtionally, I include nutrition in my fitness training approach.

As we know, exercise alone does not achieve results as proper eating habits are equally, if not more essential. I teach my students how to eat for nutrutional value in order to maximize their fitness gains and overall health.

So, if you are ready to get fit and healthy in a fun, safe and supportive environment, I welcome you to come try our Bootcamp!