Pinellas County Karate Student Recognition

Father/Son Karate Team Recognized for Outstanding Achievement

Ryan Dean’s The Dojo awarded Chamos and Aiden Dorrier the prestigious Sensei`s Outstanding Achievement award during the July belt graduation ceremonies.

Uechi Ryu karate students at Ryan Dean's The Dojo in Largo, Florida
Chamos and Aiden Dorrier are Uechi Ryu karate students at Ryan Dean`s The Dojo in Largo, Florida

The dojo allows each of their teachers to pick a student who either shined the brightest or were the most improved to win the award. These two exceptional karate students scored very high on their tests. It shows that a family training in martial arts together stays together.

Chamos Dorrier and his family reside in Seminole, Florida. He is a growing force within the Dojo. The secret to his rapid progress is really no secret at all: He rarely ever misses a class and trains diligently in Uechi Ryu Karate, Jiu Jutsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.

There were also 3 other Sensei Awards given on this night. Oriana Kristensen was recognized from the kids Crane division. In addition to Aiden Dorrier (pictured above) Dezarae Pegg and Kaiden Brady were recognized from the kids Tiger group.

Sensei Ryan was very pleased with all the students that tested. It was a tough decision to because so many students have shown great progress and are worthy of recognition for their hard work and growing proficiency.