Uechi Ryu, Martial Arts, Self Defense
Over 400 years of martial arts training among these great Uechi Ryu Masters
Great people
Sensei Bruce Tulgan and his amazing wife Debby Applegate

Sensei Bruce Tulgan hosted an amazing event with some outstanding karateka!

The four day event, which began Thursday August 27, 2015 included two daily trainings followed by a test on Sunday. Uechi Ryu sessions were taught by several different karate masters.

Uechi Ryu,Karate , Martial arts
Master Gorman 9th Dan sharing some wisdom prior to starting class.

The first session was taught by Master Frank Gorman 9th degree Black Belt. He shared a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from his over 50 years of dedicated Uechi Ryu training. The 5 principles of Sanchin were highlighted and show cased:

  1. To build a strong body
  2. Consolidate the basic stance
  3. Master the proper breathing method
  4. Penetrating eye
  5. Develop great spiritual and mental concentration
Karate Masters
Master Joe Gilbert, 8th Dan with 47 years training and Master Mike Harrigan, who tested and scored high marks on his 8th Dan test taught the next two sessions.

Master Joe Gilbert and Master Michael Harrigan, both Uechi Ryu 8th Dans lead awesome classes on day 2.

They both stressed the importance of  Sanchin as a necessary requirement to having a strong understanding of Uechi Ryu. They then showed how they would apply this to hojo undo and kata. It was great to see them share what took them so many years to learn.

Uechi Ryu Karate Masters
Master Peggy Hess, 7th dan and Master Ryan Dean, 7th dan ham it up for the camera.

Day three`s 1st session was taught by Master Ryan Dean of Largo FL and session 2 was taught by Master Peggy Hess of Miami FL.

Master Dean had two main objectives in his sessions. First, he shared some of his understandings on how to generate extra striking power by using the hips and torso like a spring. His views on this are heavily influenced by Master and head of Jiteki Jyuku, Ken Nakamatsu, 9th Dan as well as Masters Geoff Crouse, 6th Dan and  Frank Gorman, 9th Dan.

Kicking drills, sparring, fighting, Uechi ,
Karate sparring practice at the New Haven Koshukai

Master Dean`s 2nd objective was to teach how to practice sparring safely while getting the most benefit; a win-win approach!

Uechi ryu legend, karate, kata
Master Hess shown here helping Charles Jones with his kata. She should be considered one of the true greats of Uechi Ryu.

Master Hess broke down in great detail the kata Seichin. She spent hours tweaking the intricate blocks of advanced Uechi Kata, demonstrating why she is one of the greats:

  1. Skui age uke – scooping upward
  2. Gedan harai uke – sweeping
  3. Wari uke – split block
  4. Watari uke – tornado block
  5. Furi nukite swinging- finger tip
  6. Neko ashi wauke – cat stance
Black Belt test
Kai De Graaf and Ian Sweeney demonstrating bunkai during their dan test.

On Sunday morning  a dan test was held.

Ian Sweeney tested for Shodan, Kai De Graaf tested for Nidan and Master Mike Harrigan tested for Hachidan. All students performed well and were promoted. Mater Harrigan has been dilligently studying Uechi Ryu for 37 years.

Martial arts, karate,
Who says you can`t have fun and train in karate.
Uechi Ryu Senior Masters
Master Gorman with his most Senior dans.
Uechi Ryu, Judo, karate
Master Dean with two of his Sensei’s : Master Chuck Melges 8th Dan in Uechi Ryu and 7th Dan in Judo, and Master Gorman 9th Dan in Uechi Ryu.
Rick Doherty, Nidan and Shodan Charles Jones were are comedians.
Karate koshukai
We were laughing ourselves to tears.
Uechi comraderie
Telling campfire and hot tub Uechi stories.
karate masters
Master Melges and Master Stuart Killian both Hachidan`s preparing for class to begin.
Uechi Students
Master Ed Oakly, 7th Dan shown with his Sensei Master Gorman along with three of his fine students: Kenny Dudley, Senator Nick Kettle and young standout Jake Deltufo.