Zach “Attack” Takes Second Place!

Grappling Tournament in Orlando, Florida
Zach takes 2nd Place in NAGA Grappling Tournament

The 2013 North American Grappling Association (NAGA) U.S. Open Grappling Tournament was held on July 6, 2013 at Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort. I went there to coach Zach “Attack” Swain compete in his second Jujutsu tournament.

As this was only his second competition, I knew this was going to be big challenge for him.  Participants flew in from all over the world to compete.

Zach did exceptionally well placing second place right behind an excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor who came all the way from Venezuela for this grappling tournament.

Zach proved he was something to be reckoned with in his first two matches by coming from behind in points, and finally submitting both opponents with guillotine chokes!

In the final match, he lost a close battle to a more experienced fighter. He did a great job staying relaxed and focused while his match was delayed for over 5 hours.

Grappling Tournament Has Doubled in Size

The NAGA event has doubled in size since 2012. This shows how popular sport Jujutsu and Grappling Tournaments have become!

Unfortunately, the tremendous growth has presented some administrative challenges for this event. Several competitors were upset by the long delays between matches.

Essentially, the popularity of this event has caused it to outgrow this particular venue, so the NAGA officials have promised to find a larger facility to host next year’s grappling tournament.

NAGA US Open grappling tournament in Orlando, Florida
Zach Swain and Sensei Ryan Dean at the NAGA US Open grappling tournament in Orlando

It was a great event, so we’ll see everyone next year!